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  DGT Vision

Digital Tech Limited (DGT) is dedicated to be a business facilitator enriching business through digital technologies.


  DGT Mission

We realize our vision by forming business networks, in each of which individual business partner focuses on their core competence working together towards the same profit-making aim, to :

expand business opportunities that individual business partner could not support on their own;

maintain a balanced mix of on-line and off-line business operations to achieve high performance, yet cost-effective result; and

enhance profitability for all business partners through the use of our business system, including software, hardware, management systems.

  Our Invitation to Business Partner

If you are now :

operating a business which may add value to DGT Services, and;

having ideas to extend value chain beyond your current business scope, why don't we better position ourselves through cooperation to compete with others collectively ?

Contact us and let's talk about new business ideas !
  Any Comment ?

For any feedback, suggestion or inquiry regarding this web site, please feel free to contact us through e-mail info@dgt-tech.com

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