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What is DGTStorage ?

  • a service from Digital Tech Limited (DGT)
  • equip you with a central data storage accessible at any Internet-connected computer anywhere, anytime
  • share data with other designated users

How does DGTStorage work for you ?

  • supply your digital files to and from our data storage, professionally monitored and protected 24 hours round the clock
  • define yourself the access right of specific files for designated users

Why is DGTStorage meaningful to you ?

  • eliminate the need to carry a physical hard disk which contains all the possible data that you may need
  • transform your physical data resided in fixed locations/machines to mobile data accessible through Internet
  • simple and easy to send/retrieve data in original format or through widely-used FTP
  • no need for any additional proprietary software

Who will be benefited from DGTStorage ?

  • anyone who wants to have his/her data ready for use at any Internet-connected computer
  • any organization who wants to maximize the usage of its shared information and accelerate the evolution of it

When will the DGTStorage benefits delivered to you ?

  • readily available to those users who are only interested in turning their data mobile
  • upon completion of developing new applications that fit to your specific ways of manipulating mobile data

Where can DGTStorage do business for you ?

Anywhere as long as you have an Internet-connected computer in front of you

 Our Invitation to Business Partner

If you are now :

operating a business which may add value to DGT Services, and;

having ideas to extend value chain beyond your current business scope, why don't we better position ourselves through cooperation to compete with others collectively ?

Contact us and let's talk about new business ideas !
  Any Comment ?

For any feedback, suggestion or inquiry regarding this web site, please feel free to contact us through e-mail info@dgt-tech.com

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